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Cross posted cause it's funny.

Quote from a friend (who I JUST found out used to play tuba)on hearing that I used to play Baritone Horn.

"Female baritone players are like Klingon women -- hard to come across, hard to keep
up with, and hard to let go of."

I thought that was the funniest thing I've ever heard.


Crazy red-headed former Baritone player
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My friend Cyd plays the baritone. She's baller. She's not a Trekkie, though, so I doubt she would appreciate the humor. Oh well, I did. I think it's amusing, because I am Trekkie. A clarinetist, though, but whatever. I should stop typing now. Later,


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*cough* if it's drum corps it a baritone*cough*

I play both.


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I don't march anymore. I marched UCONN marching band and three different Senior Corps. MY school/performing horn was a Conn euph ( I wanted a straight bell so bad too) and I believe my drum corps horn was a Dynasty ? Nnot positive.

So now I'm looking for a practice horn to get back into playing, but e-bay just looks too shady.

Rock on female bari/euph players! I'm a music ed major @ NYU on euph, but I play contra for the Reading Buccaneers.
Heh. I started on a baritone, then got a euph, then switched to trombone, and added tuba. Wheee!!!

Never heard that particular phrase before. Love it! Must tell the husband. *grin*

My band's got 3 Baritone Players. All 3 Are girls. The Middle school has at least 3 more, and there is surely a large number starting that the elementary school. Enough said.
I LOVE it! Im not a Trekkie but I love the rest. I'm a trombone/baritone player and one of two girls in my school's marching band. (yea, its a small band) We have this thing about being "sassy brassy chickas". I gotta tell her that comment. Im new so dont mind the lameness of the entries and journal and ect... Hey, think I can join your Community?
im the only female baritone in our marching band (sophmore) XD and our band is big, i think its 190 not including the colorguard...its fun being the only girl, (despite the nauseating backpain and the soreness for days) i get to mock the weakness of the rest of the band..

*minute 5 of horns up*
male (senior) trumpet: my arms hurt ;__:
me:im going to insert my baritone into the orifice of your choice! shut up you -censored-!! -.o

and the frosting on the cake-
baritone section: @__< weeeeaaaaaaaaaak

and a melo had to hold a baritone for punishment and his arms were shaking like hell, we had many-a-laughs..

ahh..i have many stories...*evil chuckle*