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Not so special I guess. Man, I'm sleepy. And I went to bed at 12:30 last night as opposed to 1... I have no idea what to wear to school today. I'm glad I got my newspaper shiznit done. Cept for that stupid Senior Class beat. Augh. Church tonight... Test in English over Paradise Lost... I hated that stupid 'poem'. I'm sorry, but I thought it was ridiculous... And the eco test which I haven't studied for yet... but I SHOULD in theory be able to do it in 5th. I had a VERY disturbing dream last nght. Holy shit, I can't even write about it. Too too messed up. And Jonathan was in it. WTF? I spilled this huge glass of water on my carpet at about 4am last night and it still hasn't dried up. Eh, I'm sad today. =(

That is all.

wow... 900. what a deal.
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